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Dear Connie,

The inn

The human being is an inn.
A new guest every morning.
A joy, a sorrow, a meanness, a brief moment of mindfulness comes as an unexpected visitor.
Welcome and feed them all!

Even if they are a horde of sorrows sweeping the furniture out of your house by force, even then, treat each guest with dignity.
It may be that he clears you out for whole new delights.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice – meet them smiling at the door and invite them.

Be thankful for everyone, whoever it may be, for each is adept as a guide from another world.

Warm regards U.
I experience all of this in your work.


Dear Cornelia,
I would like to say thank you once again today. You are welcome to use this message for your public feedback so that many people know how wonderful you are.
First of all, thank you again for finding time to help me from one day to the next.
Now for the treatment. I told you about a long odyssey of doctor visits, physical consequences, a very long stressful time and pills that I now have to take (even if I didn’t want to). I could no longer find inner peace, could not sleep, my blood pressure was high.
You listened and radiated so much calm and security that it grounded me a bit. You explained to me what is happening in my body and you did a wonderful (I call it perfect) session with me. I felt so safe, carried and comfortable.
Now for the actual feedback. It’s been a week. I’ve since followed all the advice closely and it’s like a miracle. I can sleep again If I feel the inner restlessness, I can accept it and see it as something positive. And suddenly I’m very calm. And the day before yesterday my blood pressure was suddenly so low that I stopped taking the pills yesterday and now my blood pressure is still good. No doctor could help me. But with your help, I can now help myself. I will always come to you…
Thank you very much and I’m glad you exist.
Warm regards, Annett (June 4, 2018)

Without reservations, but also without too many expectations, I came to Conny in the hope that I could get rid of some really annoying addictions.

At first a very pleasant and calm conversation took place, during which I felt like a queen, because I was sitting on a raised seat, like on a throne. Here I learned some important things that I had no idea about before.

In the second part of the session, Conny awakened associations and ideas in me while I had my eyes closed. During this time she “magiced” around me, but that was beside the point, because a lot was happening in my head alone.

The entire visit to her felt pleasantly warm and I felt that I was in good hands.

But the most astonishing thing didn’t happen at all, I noticed it more or less incidentally a few days later: namely that the things that had previously bothered and annoyed me so much no longer occurred. This unpleasant attachment to a specific person was no longer felt and the fear of loss was also dispelled. A whole new and good feeling.

Thank you dear Connie! GJ

J.: In the first few weeks, the treatment simply did my physical well-being. In the meantime I have learned a lot about myself and my physical reactions in different situations. This allows me to say more clearly what I really want and act more consciously and self-determined.

Dear Connie,

our last meeting was very special. Actually, all meetings are very fruitful and special :-). But this time I felt like it touched one of my sticking points. There’s a lot going on in me right now. It seems I’ve understood something and can be more loving with myself inside. I’m not feeling well yet, but maybe I’m on my way out of there now.

Thank you for everything you do for me. It feels like a real treasure to me that I know you. 🙂

all the best k

Dear Connie,

I went absolutely into resonance with the session and had some symptoms and reactions from my body that I otherwise only know from very invasive methods, such as rebalancing or guided breathing through to emotional and physical stress release and movement. I can list them all for you, but I think it makes more sense in conversation.

In short, I am enthusiastic about the work. I’ve said a lot about you since then. It started something, above all a cleaning of the system and environment and a clarity paved the way, it matched the (key) images and sensations during the treatment. Kind of like sobering up from a toxin in my body…


Dear Connie

I myself have benefited a lot from working with you, which is extremely
positive impact on my private and professional life. You are for
me a great therapist. Thank you again for that!


Dear Connie,

“Everything in life has a purpose”

…and so I am infinitely grateful to have found the way to you. Every session is a gift and I have regained confidence in life. Many people have accompanied me in recent years and every single one has been important on my way. With your work you are the i-dot on what I have clarified and put in order in my life up to now. I find your combination of soul and body work very valuable and special and your presence and intuition help to find the things in me that want to be healed.

I thank you from my HEART and greet you.

Sincerely, Anett

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Dear Cornelia,
with absolute clarity, strength and love you have accompanied me, strengthened, supported and led me to my center. You recognized me, saw me and communicated with me on all levels. Now I have found myself and go my own way undeterred. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I will always be in touch with you. With great gratitude U

I met Cornelia by chance at a seminar, but I quickly noticed that she is an extraordinary person. This was confirmed at our first session, where she unfolded me so much and relieved me of the burden that I straightened up and grew several centimeters!

Cornelia understands perfectly how to combine different spiritual and physical techniques – and thus achieves great success very quickly.

Thank you very much Cornelia, you helped me a lot to free myself from emotional blockages! A.M.B.

Cornelia Tulke looked after me intensively during a very difficult time in my life.
Your powerful and loving care made my pain more bearable
and embarked on new avenues of healing. When an operation was due, she was even willing
to be present at this operation in order to achieve a good result with her positive charisma
succeed in contributing.
She is an attentive, alert person, the finest vibrations of his counterpart
perceives and reacts to it.
I highly recommend her as a healer.

Arnold Fritzsch

“We came into the world
not only,
that we know them
but that we affirm them.”

With you I learned to see again, to be with me. To nourish the woman in me and honor the inner man. To feel magic and to pass it on.
My path continues and I am grateful to be accompanied by you at all times.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the evening. I rediscovered the feeling of WOMAN, it unfolds gently and continuously :-).
I had cut the ties between me and my boyfriend and when I saw him on Sunday night I was like ok that’s it for now there’s nothing left.
Then I realized that his heart was closed to me – that happens sometimes and I can’t blame him ;-).
Whatever may come, when I’m in contact with his heart, it’s unbelievably beautiful !:-) and much freer and more beautiful than a few days ago 🙂

After our Reiki seminar on November 5th/6th:

We just wanted to say a big thank you to you!

Every time we have given ourselves Reiki, we are filled with a huge flood of gratitude that something like this exists and that we are allowed to use it…… it is difficult to put into words!

such an amazing gift, such a beautiful loving thing, for a lifetime… unbelievable!!!

And you instructed us 🙂 on an extremely nice and relaxing weekend…. Thank you 🙂

The development can be clearly traced. the first few days we were both very exhausted and broken, with the body having a certain presence and lightness at the same time.

Yes, I can agree, the beautiful weekend, the great gratitude for this experience that can always be repeated, the special rituals that have impressed us very much and are very powerful!
Many thanks from me too!
As a development: a greater attention to the body. I’ve often passed over minor “hurts” without looking more closely, when it was appropriate. I treat my arm and I’m sure it will thank me in small steps. It is fun. Kind regards, E.&T.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Dear Connie Tulke,

You gave me a Reiki application on the subject of sexuality (= opening)! The treatment has had a really good effect on my sex life!!! I experience freedom and enjoyment like never before! Thanks very much! I felt like I was in good hands from the start and I had great confidence. However, I would not have expected this consistently positive result of the body-energy work.

Kind regards H

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