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Nothing changes until you change yourself and suddenly everything changes…

Through me as a healing and sound artist, you will receive a holistic, body-oriented coaching program that picks you up exactly where you are and puts you on YOUR way in the best possible way.

Do you keep finding yourself in situations that follow well-known (or unknown) patterns, but have long since ceased to suit you?

Do you have recurring physical complaints, beliefs, fears that hinder you in everyday life or rob you of your strength?

Have you reached a point in your life where you can’t go on like this?

Do you want to regain your STRENGTH, find your CENTER and lead a SELF-determined LIFE?


In sessions individually tailored to you, you will learn how to maintain and let go of the patterns in your body, your mind and thus in your everyday life that are hindering you.

You learn to recognize the potential of your BODY and MIND and to USE it on all levels in order to end suffering and lead a self-determined LIFE. AWARENESS is created and integrated, which is a prerequisite for the abilities of SELF-regulation on all levels.


Are you ready to hit the road?

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