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Cornelia Tulke

I LIVE my work – That’s what makes it so authentic, efficient and WONDERFUL.


My name is Cornelia Tulke. I am 42 years old and a mother of three beautiful daughters.

I know the pain from my own experience and from an early age.
I first had to find my own way, which frees me to be able to take other people by the hand.

For more than 15 years I have been accompanying numerous people on their way and for 10 years in my healing practice in Berlin.
I keep hearing the following words:


“You changed my life. Without you I wouldn’t be where I am now…”

I’ve witnessed healing so often that couldn’t have happened according to official standards, and yet I didn’t just feel like a “healer“.

I was so often a witness to successes in the most diverse areas of life that were not even imaginable before, and yet I didn’t just feel like a “coach“.

I was witness to deep processes of knowledge so often, and yet I didn’t just feel like a “teacher“.

I have learned many methods from teachers and masters.
I explore and experience the cosmic laws, our human potential, our wonderful body with all its incredible abilities and above all the power of our spirit. Every day.

I was asked so often what I actually am and what I do and I was able to report on all the miracles, successes and processes, but I couldn’t and didn’t want to classify myself in one of the many usual drawers.

A client recently called me “Manifestor“. Perhaps that describes my job best.

No matter what topic people approach me with, the moment my consciousness meets their consciousness, their field, everything sorts itself out for the best.
Disorder conforms to loving order.

It’s already happened. Even if it sometimes only shows up for a few hours, days or even weeks. But the disharmony in the issue has already been balanced and will create what needs to be created to settle things for the highest good of all involved.


This is my very own power that I am blessed with. This is my gift to you.

And you’re welcome to take part. Let’s create great things together!

Let’s create the most beautiful expression of your SELF together!



A small excerpt from my career

1976 born in Berlin-Pankow
1999 / 2004 / 2013 Births of my three daughters, Joelle, Mira and Laila
2000 – 2003 Management of the “Manilo” – child-friendly café bar with passion and a lot of love
2001 Beginning of my Reiki path


Found my teacher in the Bon tradition
2010 Training in the Grinberg Method including recovery, without a diploma
2010 Pranic healing according to Choa Kok Sui
2010 final initiation as a Reiki master and teacher
2010 – 2012 various further training courses in alternative practitioner school Patosophia
2011 Advanced QCT application
2012 Reset 1 Energetic temporomandibular joint balance
2012 Cosmic Healing Practitioners
2012 Matrix Mapping
2012 NLP basis
2014 Kinesiologie Basis, Touch for Health
2015 Spiritual Healing 1 with Otmar Jenner
2016 Energetic spinal straightening
2016 Integrating THE WORK by Byron Katie into my work
2018 State-approved HEALING PRACTITIONER Institute Hanne Edling


Other important tools: EMDR, ancestral work, sound healing



I am constantly educating myself, researching, integrating, practicing and thereby continuously deepening my work
and LIVE my work.

That’s what makes them so authentic, efficient and WONDERFUL – in the truest sense of the word.