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Welcome to my holistic healing practice
in Berlin-Pankow!


I have been helping people on their journey to healing for over 15 years.

I always include all levels of our BEING.



My gift for you:

I am a mediator of vitality, inspiration and profound healing impulses.

Through my ability to create space in which your very own truth can safely reveal itself, you embark on a path of recognition, arrival and growth, whereby your essence will be expressed in the various areas of life.

What has previously prevented you on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level can be transformed and returned to your original life force.

I remind you of your soul plan, of your mission for which you live and love.

I encourage and accompany you on your path to healing.

Through my own path and numerous courses of study, I have learned and researched countless methods and filtered out those essences that bring lasting healing on all levels.

I combine the latest scientific findings and methods (from quantum physics, neurobiology, brain research and epigenetics) with original and traditional forms of healing.

I tirelessly continue to research and continuously raise treasures, which I incorporate individually in the form of healing sessions, conversations and trainings.

No matter what area of ​​life calls for healing or development, together we will find a way that will optimally support and support you and empower you.
In this way you get back on the path that really suits you – so that you can ultimately live your true greatness YOURSELF.

That doesn’t mean being untouchable for the rest of your life to whatever challenges life throws at you.
Rather, it means perceiving these challenges as gifts that you can use to grow and mature, and in turn to be a gift to the world.

It needs authentic people who sincerely live their greatness – more than ever.

Be one of them!

If you would like to use your existing potential to lead a free and SELF-determined life and you are ready to live the most beautiful version of SELF, make an appointment for an individual and non-binding initial consultation with me:




In urgent cases, short-term appointments are also possible.