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Sacred time and space for letting go, pausing, aligning, healing, getting in touch every day of the magical rough nights from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the primal protection room of the yurt, with the primal mother sounds and instruments rich in overtones during the respective healing journeys.


Afterwards there will be the opportunity to eat together with souvenirs that everyone has contributed, to go to the sauna or to sit by the fire.



For us, the Rauhnächte are a particularly important time of the year, because there the space opens up where we can have a very big influence on the coming year. It’s not just about smoking, cleaning, introspection, receiving visions, but above all consciously aligning yourself & having a conscious influence on what is announced up to the deletion of the old matrix & complete redesign.


This is exactly why we design our retreats for you. Retreat means withdrawing from everyday life in order to get back in touch with SELF, the essentials & to weave the insights & energies that arise from this into life. Vacation from the limited everyday self, create more access to life for the true SELF that, fed from the highest source, guides, heals, blesses you & hand in hand creates the circumstances that truly suit you.


The gates to our ancestors are also open during the rough nights, the spirits, our spirit guides, all beings who are always available to support us if we invite them to do so. This means that contact is easier than usual during this time, which can bring a lasting blessing.



And especially in our present time, it is about no longer throwing away our valuable creative power to the superior, ready-made templates, but to use it purposefully and consciously here for us to create paradise on earth with all the responsibilities that go with it! And this is even easier in a circle of like-minded people, since the power in the circle is multiplied and the signal strength in the field is immensely increased. This allows us to do much more than we would meditate on our own, e.g.


Since there can only be a limited number of participants on site, timely registration is necessary. You can visit the healing circles individually or spend the entire rough nights with us. However, accommodation must be found in the vicinity, as there are unfortunately no overnight accommodations in winter.

Here you will find a list of accommodations in the vicinity:

Accomodation list in vicinity


We warmly welcome you with great anticipation!

Cornelia Dola & Bohodar



When: from Sunday, December 25, 2022 – January 5, 2023, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m

Where: Lüdersdorfer Dorfstrasse 23c, 16269 Wriezen

Contribution: jeweils 50,00€

or in a package of 12 €500.00 (incl. winter solstice ceremony & access to the online retreat)


If you can’t be there live, you can also have us accompany you online for €145.00:

The readers of this page will receive it until November 21, 2022 at an early bird price of €125.00


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