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You can find the pure song without lyrics in the post below.

I make both versions available together for a small contribution as mp3, just write me for it.


HeilTextKlang from the songbook of the sound shaman:

“Beloved soul!

Hearts that are closed hurt more than broken hearts.

But it is important not to force anything.

Hearts that are given space unfold on their own.

Hearts that are given unconditional mindfulness blossom on their own, overflow & sweep other hearts away.

They strengthen & nourish the Big Heart.


That beats through your hearts, that lets your hearts beat through ITSELF.

So if your heart is closed, neither you nor another PERSON who gives you this space, brings you unconditional love, then listen to the One Heart.

Through which all love flows. Always.

Since the beginning of time & beyond.

I’m not saying anything that you don’t already know, yet keep forgetting.


There was still an addiction to dive into the clouds of oblivion because you learned to find there in pain what was once gone, once lost, once fled.

Close your heart to go underground & find that it’s just an idea, a trap that keeps you busy in the old ways.

Self laid. Self atoned. Self scourged. Create yourself.

Release the anchors that you once laid from the wrong perspective.

Listen to the One Heart.

Let the heartbeat move you.

let you dance

let you love

let yourself be carried

Let go.


Let go.



Untie the shackles that bind you.

Vibrate with the One Heart.

let it flow through you

Be The Heart.

Because you are IT.





To where the tree is.


With the breath of the Great Mother.

And yes, there is pain.

It’s the sweet pain of being human. Who sings a song of love if you don’t drug him.

The song.

that once called you.

The song that won’t let you forget where you come from & where you’re going back to.

The song that builds the bridge.

The song that makes you swing in truth.

The song that lifts you & everything else along with it.

The song that reminds you what you came here for.

The song that connects the worlds & creates peace.

The pain you don’t feel in a closed heart is that of SELF betrayal, of ignorance, of separating through sleeping.

Wake up.

stay awake




And life will carry you.

Your helpers can work powerfully for you.

In love.



And the gate of thanks opens.

The Heart Magnet of Blessings.

And so the circle closes.

And you’re in a circle.

And everything wrong rolls off, dissolves in the motherSPACE where it is at home.

Dullness is the creaking of the bars around your heart.

That’s where you let yourself be put in.

In a moment of weakness where you gave up your power.

betrayed you again and again.

A construct of the false matrix.

A pathetic attempt to leash you forever.

But ALWAYS is the language of LOVE.

Who really holds the reins?










You can find the pure song without lyrics here:

I make both versions available together for a small contribution as mp3, just write me for it.