Erhalte Event-Infos und Tipps:

With the support of the Hathor sounds that carry this text, I give this message with a wide heart and anticipation of what may come.

Hathor Healing Text Sound from the Sound Shaman’s Songbook:


“Take all shadows.

Any resistance leads to pain, opens fear.

Fear fuels resistance.

The belief in being powerless opens the door to the energies that cling to the shadows.

Fear feeds the shadows, resistance spurs them on to solidify, to lead a life of their own.

Resistance empowers the forces we resist & stops the flow of life within & around us.

LIFE is always LOVE.

LOVE wants to flow.



Also for the shadows.

Open the HEART.

To breathe.



A life of their ownShadows, also called demons, rear up.

Showing their teeth, sharpening their claws, roaring, hissing, laughing maliciously, whispering, they know exactly how to push the buttons in you so that your heart closes again. & the frequency of fear continues to prevail, you duck & close your eyes again.

Year after year, life after life, the demons hide in the corners of fear.

Hold on to the matrix that dictates who you should be, how you should be.

LOVE doesn’t dictate that.


LOVE lets you BE.

LOVE frees.

There is a resistance that frees you.

It is rooted in LOVE.

Awareness makes him grow.

SPACE makes him stronger.


With open arms.

he receives

He faces the fear.

With a big heart he lets the demons come. They pounce on him, ready to tear him apart.

But already on the way a SOUND grabs you that makes you calmer, that carries you into the stream that the open SPACE, the knowing heart sends out.

Everything dissolves in the MOTHER SPACE.

Any old demons that have attached themselves to your personal demons will be brought home.

of no return.

Your personal demons transform themselves into the POWER from which they arose.

Of the love.

Because LOVE picked up all the rejected, unloved, frightened SPARKS of your SELF & hid them in the dark womb of the GREAT MOTHER until the day came to close them in your HEART again.

All the demons on the outside are there because your basement children, your personal demons are not yet free, not yet safe in the big HEART.

And the demons on the outside do everything to ensure that it stays that way, because they live off the pain and fear of the abandoned souls.

No matter how big & powerful a demon appears on the outside & what a good job he does to keep you in the dark, you can awaken your RESISTANCE that is based on LOVE.

And this RESISTANCE keeps you AWAKE, lets you STAND UP, lets you BREATHE to break down that wall that has locked away the shadow within you.

Break open.

stand still.

become soft.


To breathe.
Welcome, in the knowledge that these are all the unloved, locked away parts of your SELF that can be freed so that the demons on the outside have to go, so that you can finally vibrate in your true FREQUENCY, which makes LOVE visible on the outside, tangible, that brings LIGHT into the HEARTS of PEOPLE, who call for true FREEDOM to live, for which they came here.

And don’t let yourself be enslaved by grimaces from the past, grimaces from long-gone worlds, holograms without substance.

Do not enslave yourself from ideas that were once recorded in times of madness that are long, long, long gone.

Everything is just an echo that is amplified by the artificial antennae so that they reverberate loudly through the devices you are staring at.

Until you finally take your eyes off & focus on what really IS THERE.

MOTHER EARTH in her full LOVE.


LOVE that breathes through every TREE, looks through every ANIMAL, LOVE from which you are never separated because you are a CHILD of LOVE.

A SPARK that split off from the ONE LIGHT in full DEDICATION & jumped into life for the SAKE of LIFE, for the SAKE of LOVE.

YES, you chose to dive into the bubble of oblivion, but YOU knew that no matter what happens you ARE eternally connected to the SOURCE you sprang from & that no matter how many times you do your rounds, you WILL RETURN one day.

And you carry the LIGHT in your HEART,

to ignite the tired HEARTS that seem to have forgotten, fallen for the glow of the outer matrix, seem to have lost themselves.

Everything only APPEAR.

Because LOVE is THERE.

LOVE is patient, it can wait.

Because she knows about the origin of the souls, her children.

LOVE is what remains, even if everything falls away.

Especially when everything falls away, everything that is hidden, obscured.

Right then.

Let fall.

give up

Open yourself.

That the LIGHT shines through YOU, consumes all apparent brightness, transforms demons,

Your true SELF can act, change, choose in full POWER.”