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I prescribe meditations.

We all want to live a life in which we are happy & healthy.

Very few are willing to make real “sacrifices” for this.

Most of them get stuck in habits that mostly consciously, often unconsciously, take you further and further in directions that you really don’t want.

Then, in particularly painful moments, they find the energy to look for something that could bring relief, they usually look for the “pill” that will quickly eliminate all suffering, are even willing to do something extraordinary, such as come to me for a session 😉

It gives space, lightness, insights, healing on certain levels & then you maybe even decide to change something, even start with it & then, over time, the habits that prevent you from permanently moved towards happiness & health.

Do you really want to be really happy & for some that can mean finally keeping their ideal weight, being pain-free, being really healthy, having a happy partnership, earning their money with work that fulfills them, in the way & in the way it actually corresponds to finally finding your true place in life and and and…

Then you can no longer go on as before!

It needs space to feel, recognize, explore, in other words, to become aware of where you are at the moment & where you definitely don’t want to be anymore &, above all, what brought you there.

For this you MUST pull yourself out of the normal course of everyday life.

How much time do you spend with things that keep you stuck in your old matrix?

Imagine shaving off just half an hour of your usual navigating the social media landscape, watching your favorite series, gaming in front of the computer or simply getting up half an hour earlier than usual to use the room & taking the time to tune into what you want to experience, who you want to be, how you want to be, creating the blueprint that life can then align with to get you where your heart really wants to go.

There should be at least an hour of good meditation per day & I guarantee that the synchronicities in your life will accumulate, opportunities will arise that will draw you to what is truly yours.

The fear that paralyzes you will have to go, the love you are looking for will be able to move in, the pain will make way for the space in which life and love can flow.

Sometimes medication can help, but always regular meditation & more often than not changing your eating habits, but more on that for another time.

In my sessions you will be given the space for these processes and given the right impulses and the meditations that are right for you.

For those who can and want to withdraw from their everyday life for longer, I also offer individual retreats in the yurt outside in Brandenburg, where we can go really deep into the consciousness and healing processes together, supported by the healing nature around it. Of course there is good, lively food & drink, unless a fasting cure is included 😉 everything will be adjusted just as it suits your personal goals.

And of course there are also group retreats. This year there will even be a live retreat in the yurt about the rough nights, the magical days between the years. Details will follow soon.

If it calls you, get in touch with me and we will discuss the details.

Otherwise there are WONDERFUL opportunities to dive together in a circle over the next few weeks, to draw strength, to initiate realignment.

With love & connectedness, Cornelia Dola