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Monday, May 16, 2022 5:30 p.m. – approx. 9:30 p.m

According to the Celtic wheel of the year, Beltane is celebrated on the second full moon after the spring equinox, which is why this women’s healing circle will take place on May 16, 2022.

Beltane is a fertility festival and was one of the most important festivals for the Celts. The marriage of the young strong sun with the earth is celebrated, from which everything nourishing for us emerges in the course of the year. And we can look at that again on all levels & celebrate accordingly.

Nevertheless, it is a moon festival.

And this time the moon accompanies us as a so-called super moon with a total lunar eclipse, which has explosive energies ready in addition to all the currently very exciting planetary constellations.

Since the moon affects all water, it naturally also affects our inner water. We will consciously use this energy again for our processes. Everything that is absorbed at the full moon is absorbed in the Highest Potential on all levels.

And that’s why this open women’s circle takes place for all women who want to explore and heal their femininity in a safe space.

At the same time, a men’s circle is held around the fire with bohodar. Before & after the healing circle, we will meet the men around the fire to meet as equals & to ease the deep wounds that are still smoldering & to allow peace to set in on all levels. These are always very touching moments for everyone involved.

This is a healing circle for women who want to unleash their true power and connect permanently with the source within themselves.


With a drum journey, cocoa ceremony, guided sound meditation, dance, voice, fire & the sounds of the primal mother, we will delve deep into this magical quality of time & raise our inner treasures.

We go on a journey to SELF, remembering our original power as women, strengthening ourselves, letting go, connecting with what is sacred within us.

Everything that calls for healing finds space, heart and ear.

Original knowledge and universal principles are imparted, paving the way to your roots, more vitality, love of life and joy.

The circle is completed with the UR-MOTHER-SOUND, the song of the Cosmic MOTHER to her daughters.

*Every woman who heals herself heals all women who came before her and all who come after her.*

Monday 16 May 2022
5.30pm – approx. 9.30pm

Healing practice at the Bürgerpark/room for body awareness, Schulzestrasse 21, 13187 Berlin

Contribution: €50.00

Warm welcome! Cornelia Dola


BELTANE is the beginning of Celtic daylight saving time. It is a celebration of ecstasy, fertility, the union of the goddess with her mate

(Frouwa & Woutan).

It’s the beginning of the spring rough nights when the “witches” go up the Blockberg & dance away the snow.

>> In the women’s month of May, the hunted Walburga slowly transforms into the blooming, green woman.<<

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