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Welcome to the men’s circle by the fire


An appreciative and open space is created at the men’s circles, in which every man can contribute what feels right for him.

Time to exchange, strengthen, recharge your batteries, be silent, let go and recognize.

A meeting in connection with respect and mindfulness.


Everything is allowed to BE, to be heard, to find expression.




Cornelia Dola Tulke and Bohodar Shved are sound shamans who open the doors for profound healing and knowledge processes through sound, voice and words.

Here you will get the knowledge to activate your original powers, so that you can follow the path of YOUR soul, which it calls for, SELF-determined and with confidence.

If you are ready to understand and apply the working of the feminine and masculine principles in you, to open the small and larger miracles in your life, the creative power in you and always for the highest good, then be there.


Yes, I want to be there. [/ button]



“When women and men meet on an equal footing and with respect and love, and when they become one in their essence, then they can move mountains.”


This begins within us – NOW.





When?: Thursday, July 11, 2022, 6 p.m. – approx. 9 p.m

Where?: in the yurt in Lüdersdorf

Contribution: €30.00, incl. overnight stay in your own tent & breakfast €50.00



If you feel called upon, please register and we will give you a warm welcome! Bohodar & Cornelia Dola

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