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“When the earth will be sick and people and animals will die of mysterious diseases, there will come a tribe of people composed of all cultures who believe in words and actions that will restore the earth to its former beauty. This tribe will be known as THE RAINBOW WARRIORS & THE FLOWERING WOMEN”. (Native American Prophecy)


The Easter Spring (also called Marienquelle) is the last freely bubbling spring in Berlin.

It is a place of femininity that has been forgotten.

On the Day of the High Women on August 15, 2019 (Assumption of Mary) there is a full moon at the same time.

An extremely favorable time to celebrate healing ceremonies in important places.

Everyone who feels called is cordially invited to be part of the ceremony.

With drums, singing bowls, instruments, voice, incense, fire, crystals, gifts, heart, we will create a field of lasting healing for this important place, for Mother Earth & the female & male principles in her & thus in us accordingly.

We start at 1 p.m. & participation is free.

For the women who take part in the women’s healing circle in the evening, there is the opportunity to collect the herbs together that will be consecrated in the evening. Because all herbs that we collect & bless on this day will have triple the potency.

This is especially helpful during the dark days of winter & the harsh nights as the New Year approaches.

Meeting point: Osterquelle, Schildower Weg, 13469 Berlin

Start: 1 p.m

Bring your instruments (drums, rattles…), your voice, Agnihotra ash, crystals to give back to Mother Earth, copper coins, fruit, rice, flour, whatever gift you feel like giving for the healing process.

If you would like to collect herbs together, contact me separately and I will give you the dates of where and when we will meet.