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when your loved one is gone
Traveling, stuck in the work hamster wheel, caught in the cell phone, just not there.
There is no real contact.
You want to share what’s on your mind, the beautiful things you experienced today, what scared you today, what you recognized for yourself today, what’s on your mind.
You write, you speak, but no real connection.
Now you can get angry, resign, get loud, be silent, wait, yearn, be sad. Connection? Not even close.
You can rage within yourself, doubt, mourn, hate, resign, go in circles.
Connection? no
You can throw yourself into work, distract yourself, waiting for a better time.
You can meet, talk, share with friends.
It gets a little easier. But the grief is there, whether deep, wide, long or completely hidden.
Seemingly cut off from the root of your love.
thirsty. heart paralyzed.
Hanging on hold.
hoping. Demanding. begging pleading. falling silent.
He says he loves you. words.
recognizing? sensing? seeing? Incoming?
Sliding down deep.
you stop In all the searching.
And remember the true lover.
how could you forget that
Been caught up in searching for too long.
You take off your shoes and feel the earth beneath your feet.
The sky is clearing up.
A greeting from the true lover.
Reminiscent. Your lover is just a mirror of your inner man.
A touch of the great, genuine love of the ONE great LOVE from which we come.
When you and your loved one really met, you recognized each other.
Saw the spark of the DIVINE in you and that’s what connected you even more.
Rather entangled in the search for confirmation of your own DIVINITY within you.
The search shifted to the outside.
Now you may recognize again that there is no need for searching, no waiting, no external connection.
You are free. You are loved. Always.
With or without your loved one present.
Reconnect with the true LOVED one.
Deep breath. Ease. Joy.
And recognizing everything is there.
Let go completely.
Everything that doesn’t correspond to love can go.
Anchor yourself in the one true LOVE.
feel you again
In you.
Connected to everything.
And free!