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Welcome to the Full Moon Men’s Circle


The full moon men’s circle offers an appreciative and open space in which every man can contribute what feels right for him.

The circle allows space for exchange, strengthening, recharging, silence, letting go and recognizing.

A meeting in connection with respect and mindfulness.

Everything is allowed to BE, to be heard, to find expression.


Cornelia Dola and Bohodar are sound shamans who open the doors for profound healing and knowledge processes through sound, voice and words.

The knowledge of the original forces is within each individual within us. Here you can activate your powers so that you can follow the path your soul calls for SELF-determined and with confidence.

At the beginning there will be a short lecture together with the women about the principles of the healing circles for women and men.
In addition, there is room for answering any questions regarding the vision of healing in circles.

After the drum journey together, the women and men will each celebrate in their own healing circles under the direction of Cornelia Dola Tulke and Bohodar Shved.


Understanding and applying the working of the feminine and masculine principles in us opens up the small and larger miracles in our lives, the creative power in us, always for the highest good.


Are you ready to give access to these wonders?

Ja, ich will  dabei sein.


“When women and men meet as equals and with respect and love,
and when they become one in their essence, then they can move mountains.”


This begins within us – NOW.






When?:Monday, November 7, 2022 from 6 p.m. to approx. 9 p.m

Where?:In the yurt in Lüdersdorf

Contribution: €30.00, incl. overnight stay in your own tent & breakfast €50.00

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INVITATION par Bohodar


Dear men!

I cordially invite you, man to man, to hold the men’s circle for the women in an incredibly beautiful and powerful ceremony, Full Moon Women’s Circle.

I invite you to take part in this experience, as it is always strengthening, transforming and clarifying for being a man, for being a woman, for both of these aspects in us.

Since we are of all genders in this world, we carry these two aspects within us.

It is an ancient tradition that the women meet by the fire or in a circle in the fall and celebrate their inner purification, their clarification, their healing, their being holy.

The men helped keep them safe by keeping the circle around them and at a greater distance, so that the women felt safe and protected, but at the same time could go about their most intimate processes alone.

What has emerged is not only the security and protection that hold the space and that can be felt by the men who sit lovingly by the fire to keep this circle for the women, but old circumstances of mistrust dissolve and Tensions in the women because they are delighted and touched, deeply by the presence of the men, the palpable presence by the fire – for them, for their salvation, for their protection, for their womanhood.

It is indescribably much more than pure protection, since women today had to be protected in a direct sense and not really by men, by their men as they were a few hundred years ago, the men who held the village, the circle around the village, where the Villages could be raided at any time.

It’s more about the trust between the feminine and the masculine.

Symbolically, it is actually a depicted dance of life between the masculine and feminine principles.

Where the male principle always holds the space, the protective space and the space of appreciation for the woman, who can and can develop in it.

The resulting ecstasy is indescribable, since the woman can only reach her full femininity when she feels the devoted, male part around her, around her living space, which at the same time values ​​her and accompanies her, but at the same time allows a lot of freedom .

For the male part, the experience is unique and indescribable.

To discover the true masculine principle within by serving the feminine.

Oh yeah. This is not a man’s dissolution in the sense of being a henpecked husband in front of a woman who determines his life. Rather vice versa. It is the pure energy principle, in which the male joins every female movement and at the same time is aware of its independence.

Dear men, we are transforming this world by honoring the feminine in us and then at the same time, with practically the same intensity in our counterpart, in our lover, in our women and our partners, the world begins to breathe in this new light of truth As was the case with the aborigines, a man’s invitation to a certain age was granted or created through the discovery of the feminine principle within him and her protection. In our western society we experience that self-work, in courses, in the experiences that life gives us are not always easy.

Nevertheless, to consciously enter into such transformation-bringing rituals, in which one honors, sees, lets unfold and protects the feminine in us and in our loved ones, loves in a word, is transforming and transforming, not only for us individuals, but for us whole life on this planet.

As it represents an ancient principle that underlies this creation, this duality creation that we heal, sanctify, bring back to heaven through this devotion to the feminine within us and in the world. Yes. That is our task, to raise this earth to heaven.

We can do that with one simple step, surrendering to the feminine in the divine love that burns everything, that completely lays all traces of our own ego, man’s ego in rubble and ashes and then lets the phoenix rise from the ashes in our true one Even the masculinity that serves the feminine, love is anchored in the universe in the polarity of the feminine & masculine flowing into each other and becoming one again in one being.

With love, bohodar