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Reiki 2nd degree

2 day seminar

Room for body awareness / healing practice at the Bürgerpark

Schulzestr. 21 in 13187 Berlin-Pankow
Contribution: €450 / as a refresher guest: €200

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If you feel ready to go one step further on your Reiki path, then I cordially invite you to be part of it.

In addition to the traditional initiation into the three Reiki symbols and their mantras, the course includes:
To practice mental treatments with Reiki
Introduction to Reiki massage
Distance treatment / distance healing rituals

The effect of Reiki on emotional blockages
Working with the inner selves (lower, middle, higher self)
Create practical applications such as light showers, light deposits on important events in life or places of power
Clean, harmonize or energize house or rooms

For you, this means that from then on you can increase the Reiki flow and specifically solve blockages with the symbols and associated mantras that you are initiated into.

You will be able to give distant Reiki, clean rooms energetically and and and.
Above all, you will receive support for everything that still prevents you from going your own way on a mental level.

In addition, you will learn many techniques, how you can heal your inner child with Reiki, get in touch with your higher self, send yourself (and of course others) Reiki into the past and into the future, create power places.

Reiki can and should help you to gain freedom, vitality and harmony, to enjoy life and to think positively. With the skills of the 2nd degree you can bring light into your mind and your soul, love them and learn to better understand the deeper meaning of your character.

Life energy is love
Universal life energy is Reiki
Reiki is love

The UrMutterKlang that accompanies and supports you here and the individual approach to the topics you have brought with you make the seminar so unique again.

After the seminar you will receive your personal certificate and extensive work material.

I look forward to immersing myself with you in the countless possibilities that this energy gives us!

2 day seminar

12.00 – 18.00

Room for body awareness / healing practice at the Bürgerpark

Schulzestr. 21 in Berlin
Contribution: €450.00 / as a refresher guest: €200


There is also the possibility of individual lessons within the week. For inquiries, just contact me personally or use the registration button below.

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