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Reiki course for expectant parents


This course is specially designed for expectant parents.

You will learn in detail how you can use Reiki for you in order to prepare for the birth in the best possible way, how to support the unborn child with Reiki and how you can channel the beneficial universal life force, especially during the birth.

You will also learn how to support yourself and your child with Reiki after birth.

It is ideal to take the course with a partner (partner discount), but it is not a must.

Learn to give yourself and your loved ones the universal life energy for balance, relaxation and healing processes at any time.

Reiki is a practical companion that is suitable for everyday use.

I myself am a mother of 3 wonderful children and have therefore appreciated the effect for years.
It has saved us a lot of stress, suffering and, above all, unnecessary visits to the doctor over the years.

Reiki always has a balancing effect on all levels, strengthens the self-healing powers, relieves pain and even by exactly one degree Celsius antipyretic if need be.

You will learn all this and more in the upcoming Reiki course, which I have designed especially for expectant parents.

The courses take place in small groups so that there is enough space for all the topics you have brought with you.

After this seminar you will be able to give yourself and others complete Reiki treatments.

As I learned from my teacher, I will do the Reiki initiations in the traditional way. I.e. it will
all in all

4 initiations take place in a period of 2 days and the following things are learned,
discussed and discussed:

*History of the Reiki Usui System*

*Modes of action of Reiki*

*Reiki rules of life*

*Reiki treatments for others and for yourself with appropriate hand positions*

*Basic knowledge of the seven main chakras*

*Chakra balancing with Reiki*

*Reiki with animals and plants*

*Especially Reiki applied practically for us and our children.*

The courses take place in small groups so that there is enough space for all the topics you have brought with you.

The initiations themselves are of course carried out in individual initiations.

After the seminar, certificates will be issued and extensive working materials will be given.

A small vegetarian buffet takes care of our physical well-being.

When: Please ask for dates!

Costs: Individual: 250€ / Partner: 450€