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My dears,

As you know I have been giving retreats during the rough nights for the past few years.

Those who were there know how important and powerful this time is and were able to witness small and large miracles.

Over time, an online retreat has emerged that allows everyone to participate, even if they cannot be there in person.

The special thing is that the meditations are recorded in such a way that they can be used to support the coming year, regardless of the topic, regardless of the rough nights.

They give strength, orientation, courage and a conscious connection to basic trust and the forces that work for us.

Early bird price until November 30, 2021:

€125.00 afterwards €145.00



If you want to celebrate your rough nights in a completely analogue way, you can do so with the rough nights guide:


Rough Nights Companion Book
with ancient knowledge, incense, diary, inclusive. Mp3-CD with all meditations & healing songs

Early bird discount until November 30, 2021: €69.00 instead of the regular €89.00, to be ordered directly from me:


Ja, ich will dabei sein.



Online retreat & guide through the magic of the holy nights

End the old year in peace and shape the new year powerfully.

Instructions & guides through the magic of the holy nights – with ancient knowledge, guided meditations, healing songs, the primal mother sounds, a rough night diary & everyday incense.

We start on December 21st, 2021 at the winter solstice:

A guided meditation, healing songs & the primal mother sounds give us the opportunity to pause, to come to ourselves, to let go of the old and to prepare for the Christmas season and especially for the upcoming, magical rough nights.

The winter solstice is one of the most sacred sun celebrations in all cultures around the world. It describes the deepest night of the year & is therefore also called MUTTERNACHT, Old High German MODRANECHT. On this night, deep in the dark earth, in the quietest of hours, the goddess gives birth to the reborn child of the sun.

From December 24th there will be a daily program specially tailored to the quality of time, which will be sent daily and will accompany you through the rough nights until January 5th, 2021.

You will be accompanied with ancient knowledge, guided meditations, healing sounds and simple practical instructions. Let’s walk the path of ancient wisdom to really be able to LIVE the most beautiful version of our SELF in the new year.

If you are ready to end the old year in peace and to face the new year with full strength and anticipation, then embark on this important journey.

Warm welcome!

Yours, Cornelia Dola