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dear women,

On Tuesday, October 31st, 2017 there will be a very special evening event:



A circle of women who venture behind the veil.

Pay homage to the ancestors, listen, recharge your batteries.

Connect with the goddesses and embark on a journey within.

The right seeds set for a life of deep connection.

With yourself.

The ONE from which we spring.

The one whose songs we carry.

The dark that scares us separates into evil shadows that have gone and sources of strength from which we have always drawn.

Because coming from there. Innocent. Pure. We focus on what nourishes us.

THAT strengthen what carries, inspires and guides us. In LOVE and purest awareness.


Those who feel called to celebrate the magic of Samhain in a safe space are warmly welcome.

I let you participate in ancient knowledge and rituals that give us strength and deep connection.

I ask for registration by mail or Whatsapp.

Beginning 6.30 p.m

Contribution: 40€


Much love, your Cornelia




Cornelia Dola Tulke
Manifestor, Spiritual Healer & Consciousness Coach
Space for body consciousness
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13187 Berlin
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