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Recently, the Kogi shaman Java Saka recommended a special drink to help my heart heal and uplift my soul. I would like to recommend this easy-to-prepare soul balm water to you today.
It is delicious and above all particularly suitable for strengthening the woman in us.
Take fresh rose petals, but only those that grow freely outside and those that smell intense and pure. A full flower is enough for one liter. It is best to put the flowers in a transparent container and leave them in the sun for a day.
Strain and enjoy. Especially now in the heat, enjoying it cold is a blessing.
My tip: Make ice cubes out of them too, then you’ll have something in stock and the drinks you cool with them will taste three times as good;)

In almond oil or another favorite oil, you can leave the flowers in a closed jar in the sun for 3 weeks. This results in a fragrant, beautiful massage oil.?

If you want to know more about the message and the work of Java Saka, you can listen to the interview I recorded with her in Colombia:

Sincerely, your Cornelia