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An adventure evening with Cornelia Tulke & Miroslav Großer



What happens when a person completely surrenders to sound as an instrument?

What do such released sounds convey? What is its message and its impact?

On this evening we want to find answers to these questions together and explore the sound more closely, both with words and with our sounds. You are invited to travel with us into the dimensions of our consciousness that are opening up.

As experienced travel companions, Cornelia and Miroslav will show you new inner places, because both of them are destined to let the free sounds flow through their bodies as purely as possible, thereby opening up access that is transferred to the listeners.

But you are also invited to let yourself and your voice swing freely. In addition, Miroslav, as a voice coach and sound yoga teacher, will introduce us to special sound meditations and acappella improvisations that have the potential – similar to yoga – to deeply remind you of your eternal unity with all levels of being.

Date: Friday, August 23, 2019, 7:30 p.m

Admission 7 p.m

Location: Heilpraxis am Bürgerpark, Schulzestr. 21 in 13187 Berlin-Pankow

Energy balance: 15.00 euros, reduced 10.00 euros, 25.00 euros supporters

Cornelia is a healing and sound artist from Berlin. She uses sound in its original form as a medium for profound healing processes. She is the mediator of life force, inspiration and universal principles.

Her specialty is the UrMutterKlang. The primal mother is the female primal power – the great mother of all things – space – the Shekina. It is the nourishing, the carrying, the manifestation power of love. The primal mother sound is the key to the soul.

With the sounds of the primal mother reverberating through her, Cornelia opens the minds and hearts of her listeners. The sounds uplift, connect, ground and remind the body to vibrate again in its original frequency. This leads to deep healing of body, mind and soul.

Miroslav has specialized in singing overtones, which he also describes as the inner dimension of sound. In his seminars, however, he not only teaches western overtone singing, but also sound yoga and a new holistic approach to the mystery of the voice. He also offers voice coaching and voice analysis, with his training in physical therapy and being a musician forming an essential basis for this. Miroslav gives concerts with his violin and other instruments, both as a soloist and in various formations with friends at home and abroad.