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Weekend seminar in Berching, near Nuremberg

Friday, Saturday & Sunday, March 22 – 24, 2019


UrMutterKlang meditation evening
with crystal singing bowls & the sacred primal mother sounds

Friday, March 22nd 7pm – 9pm

A journey to yourself.

A journey into the frequency of your essence – the frequency of unconditional love.

This evening gives you a taste of what it means to be in balance in your female and male parts, to be anchored in your primal frequency and to go into healing from there.

It serves as an introduction to the intensive healing seminar for women and men, which takes place the following weekend, but can also be attended individually.



Intensive gynecological seminar

Saturday, March 23, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.:

“When women & men meet as equals & with respect & love & when they become one in their essence, then they can move mountains”

In order to be able to do this, you need to be tidy, to have a clear CONNECTION with SELF, to BE aligned with the HIGHEST aspect in one, to have the COURAGE to live your own truth, to remain true to YOURSELF, to face the challenges of LIFE with trust accept & master & simply use our creative power awake & consciously.

To stay awake in the knowledge of who we really are as human beings.

The complete YES to SELF, BEING in the HERE & NOW, with all the gifts, including our body temple, people & situations around us.

It’s about nothing easier & nothing more difficult than remembering who we really are & staying aligned accordingly & LIVING that.

A door opener is the awakening of our inherent URAL FREQUENCY, the anchoring in this & the true expression.

In this intensive seminar, detachment and healing rituals are held for the participants, with sound, incense, fire and healing songs. We will have space to explore personal issues and share our experiences. We will guide you through various clarifying meditations.

Since it is also about anchoring the new experiences in the here & now, on all levels, we will support our bodies with breathing exercises and various movement sequences to open and realign, to transform blockages and to create space for love .


This intensive healing seminar is for you if:

*You want to experience the connections between your health, your vitality, your well-being, the qualities of your relationships and your original powers as a woman.

*You want to experience the original power of your uterus. You want to get to know the connection between our male and female parts in you and the mirror of your outside world.

*You want to get to know, experience, strengthen and heal the femininity in you more deeply. You want to get back to your original dignity as a woman.

*If you want to free yourself from the energetic influence of past lovers. You want to heal yourself from hurts from harmful sexual connections and toxic relationships.

*You want to bring your self-esteem back to its original state.

*You want to be free, strong and enjoy being a WOMAN again, integrated in basic trust.

*You want to release the sound of your original frequency so that you have it available to you at all times

*You want to contribute with your healing as a woman to the healing of all women who were there before you and who will come after you.


UrMutterKlang healing ceremony for men & women

Sunday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m

With drum journey, womb healing, primal mother sound journey, transformation fire and much more.

Held by the energy of the primal father.

Nourished, healed by the power of the primal mother.

On this day I will only carry out original healing rituals that have only been passed on orally and are therefore largely unknown.

There will be a part where the women and the men are in a circle among themselves.


The Circle of Women

Following on from the previous seminar day, we will deepen our healing journey to the awakened woman within us.

We women store in our uterus the pain of abuse, fear, inherited garbage from our ancestors and most importantly from the men we have bonded with. We just forgot that we don’t have to pay for it and carry it with us forever in the form of illness, unfulfilled sexuality or repetitive relationship patterns.

On this day I give you the keys with which you can free yourself from it.

I will remind you of the wisdom of the female primal power and show you how you can go your way as a free woman in full force.

To do this, we will mainly connect with the wisdom and primal power of our womb and free ourselves from old fear, pain and shame through the rite of the womb (rite of the womb).


The circle of men:

In the circle of men we will have space to uncover old wounds and bring them back into divine order through certain healing rituals.

Heart space healing & the reawakening of the ORIGINAL FREQUENCY in you give you the tools to keep the frequency in everyday life & to stay true to it, in thinking, feeling, acting.

Sitting by the fire together in a circle of men, connecting with the power of the primeval father in order to hold the circle of women with your very own male energy.

This conscious holding and protecting of the women’s circle activates the new powers of the man that are calling.

Out of the old patterns of violence, greed, insecurity, disorientation, false pride transforming into the new qualities of cohesion, real leadership, trust, integrity and loving family care, while walking for HIS mission.

Conscious letting go of old pain through the fire ceremony with the women, immersion in unity & integration of all missing parts through the fire and the primal mother sound bath, lift all boundaries that separate HUMAN from SELF and thus from its source,

so that you can go your way as free men in full force.

The healing ceremony is sealed by the UrMutterKlang bath together.



During the big Equinox ceremony in Sweden last year, I was taught how today’s women and men can heal themselves.

Equinox – the autumnal equinox, a quality of time in which the absolute balance between day and night, light and dark, male and female can be felt, seen and preciously experienced.

The key lies in this balance.

The circle and the point.

Alpha and Omega.

Plus and minus.

Transforming together to the zero field, the SPACE that makes up our essence, opening and balancing everything that doesn’t serve life, that doesn’t serve love.

The women’s circle held and protected by the men’s circle.

Strengthen the back of women unconditionally and thus get in touch with your own healthy male power.

LET yourself be held in confidence and blossom in the circle of your own primal femininity.

Transform and heal together.

The primal longing for completeness within ourselves, in perfect harmony with the polarities within us, is a reminder of our original state, the noble being that we human beings are at the core.

Let’s remember it together again.

Let’s melt all the boundaries that prevent us from meeting each other with respect and on an equal footing, appreciating and in the fullest truth letting ourselves grow in our own fire.

Man! It is time to take your place again at the side of the Great Father and your brothers.

Woman! It is time to take your place again at the side of the First Mother and your sisters.

Men! Women! It is time to heal your primal pain that you have been carrying with you for too long. And to rise together! Out of yourself.

Because you have the power to do it.


Women! Men! It’s time to meet respectfully at eye level & to create something beautiful & good together out of the essence, out of love!

This intensive seminar is suitable for everyone, no matter what their sexual orientation is, because we all always combine male and female parts within us, no matter what form it is expressed on the outside.

I am very happy to celebrate this unique ceremony with you in this wonderful place!

Warm welcome,

your Cornelia Dola


Friday evening: VVK30.00€, AK 35.00€

Complete weekend for the woman:

Saturday & Sunday: €250.00 / early bird price until March 3, 2019: €210.00

Friday to Sunday: €270.00 / early bird price until March 3, 2019: €230.00

For the man:

Sunday: €125.00 / early bird price until March 3, 2019: €95.00

Friday & Sunday: €145.00 / early bird price until March 3, 2019: €120.00


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