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NEW MOON – A new cycle begins.

The forces that work through the new moon are particularly suitable for letting our visions shine & planting their seeds deep in the field of infinite possibilities.

If you still have to let go of the old, the new moon supports you in the process of letting go deeply & clearing the space for what is to come.
The effects of these impulses that we set today can even be seen in the next full moon.
Awareness and thus healing processes can be activated more easily today and we can delve deep into the forces that support us.

* Relax, let go, reflect, recharge your batteries *

With a drum journey, guided sound meditation with crystal singing bowls, tambura & the primal mother sounds we will travel deep inside to connect with the highest.

life is vibration

Vibration is sound.

Sound is healing.

For the highest good of all that IS.

Warm welcome!

When: Wednesday, November 23, 2022, 6 p.m. – approx. 9 p.m

Where?: In the yurt in Lüdersdorf


Contribution: €30.00, incl. overnight stay and breakfast €50.00


Welcome Cornelia Dola & Bohodar


Ja, ich will dabei sein.