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The first new moon of the new year. A WONDERFUL start of the new cycle after the rough nights.

January 6th, also called Epiphany time (appearance of the Lord), is a good day to review the last 12 nights and look back.

In Hellenistic Egypt on the night of January 6th the birth of the sun god Aion from the virgin Kore was celebrated. On the day of January 6th, healing water was drawn from the Nile.

A cosmic event that we celebrate & seal with today’s sound meditation so that we can start the new year with the fullest blessings & pure vitality.

With a drum journey, guided sound meditation with crystal singing bowls & the primal mother sounds, we will travel deep within to connect with the highest.

life is vibration

Vibration is sound.

Sound is healing.

For the highest good of all that IS.

When: Sunday, January 6, 2019, 6 p.m. – approx. 8 p.m

Contribution: €20.00

Please register as the number of participants is limited.

Welcome, Cornelia Dola

Ja, ich will dabei sein.