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In a protected space, held by the energy of the primeval father, nurtured and healed by the power of the primeval mother, we immerse ourselves in our femininity.

With a drum journey, guided sound meditation, we go on a journey to SELF, remind ourselves of our original power as women, strengthen us, let go, connect with what is sacred in us.

Everything that calls for healing finds space, heart and ear.

Original knowledge and universal principles are imparted, paving the way to your roots, more vitality, love of life and joy.

The circle is completed with the UR-MOTHER-SOUND, the song of the Cosmic MOTHER to her daughters.

Since receiving the vision of how the women & men of today can heal themselves in their personal & collective primal wounds, I have been leading the women’s healing circles in this principle.

Each women’s healing circle is energetically held by men who feel called to take part in this great healing and at the same time to do their part.

After each women’s healing circle, I discuss with the men their experiences that they made during these circles & I’m always fascinated & grateful for the deep healing processes that trigger.

It is important that the women & men meet in their own circles, it is just as important to meet at eye level & to exchange ideas in order to be able to carry the gifts into the world in the best sense.

Anyone who feels called and wants to contribute their part to their own healing as a woman and to the healing of the primal wound of all women and men is very welcome!

Your Cornelia Dola?

*Every woman who heals herself heals all women who came before her and all who come after her.*

When: Friday, MARCH 6, 2020 from 7 p.m. to approx. 10 p.m., admission from 6.30 p.m

Where: Klanghaus Trub, Brandösch 174, 3556 Trub

Contribution: CHF 50.00

Ja, ich will dabei sein.