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WOMEN Time for femininity…
The big wheel has turned.
The time is different:
are we ready?
Ancient traditions give us new possibilities.
I’m going to share some of those secrets with you this evening.
I’m looking forward to us! ♥

The idea came from the last creative circle, when we were just women this time.

The circle got another quality and we recognized the importance of creating a space where women can meet in the circle.

This circle nourishes and strengthens us again in a special way.

Let’s feel the power among women, hold us, heal, nourish!

At the end there is always a guided meditation, which deepens the experiences in the circle and anchors us.


Quote from the book The Wolf Woman:

“For me, the coffee gossip is a holdover from the old days, when ritual women’s gatherings were the custom. The women would crouch in a circle around a central cult object to initiate one another into the mysteries of their femininity and to tell each other the unabashed truth of what, how it is still the case today, we were allowed to joke, cheer and laugh deep from our stomachs until everyone went home relieved and strengthened. ….

Baubo, the goddess of the belly, gives women the interesting idea that a little obscenity can catapult women in particular out of depression. In fact, a certain irreverence, as expressed in intimate conversations with women, is often more healing than a whole cupboard full of medicines. Irrespective wording and a silliness that pushes the boundaries of good taste undermine self-righteous anger and self-pity. Thus, the libido is stimulated; interest in life flares up again. You laugh about yourself and your own contortions – from the bottom of your heart. What could be more wholesome? Try it, it’s worth it.”

This month’s date is:

Wednesday, June 14, from 7 p.m

Contribution: 20€

I ask that you register at least one day before the event. Please come 10 minutes earlier so that we can start on time.