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What is meant by “Reiki”?

“Reiki” is a Japanese word and means “universal life energy/life force”.

REIKI is an ancient form of treatment in which the hands are laid on and the universal life force is directed to the most important organs, energy channels and chakras. Body, mind and soul are always addressed.

In this way, the SELF-HEALING POWERS are activated in the deepest sense.
The body can experience RELAXATION on all levels and thus get an opportunity to regulate and heal itself. Reiki has a detoxifying and purifying effect, dissolves blockages and can therefore have a pain-relieving effect.

I work with the traditional Reiki form that Dr. Mikao Usui rediscovered and taught. It is a basic tool of my work and enables me and my clients to get easy access to the core of the topic I have brought with me and thus to bring about the desired changes effectively and sustainably.


Why is Reiki more relevant than ever?

The world is turning “faster and faster”. The challenges brought about by the circumstances of environmental pollution, pressure to perform, etc. and the associated consequences of so-called civil diseases are not becoming any less.

Our original abilities to balance ourselves are forgotten and we become more and more dependent.

We have forgotten our connection to Mother Earth and the Greater Whole/Spirit, and in doing so have also forgotten our own greatness.

Reiki gives us a tool to set ourselves free, to fill up with life force regardless of the circumstances, to connect with SELF and thus with the big picture again.

This gives us strength, confidence and energy to go our way, which makes us happy and serves the good of all.

I am passionate about imparting this knowledge and ability to people who want to regain their true greatness, their strength and thus get the rudder for a SELF-determined, satisfied life in their own hands.

If that is also your goal, then come to one of mine Reiki-Kurse and learn how you can use Reiki specifically for yourself, your loved ones or your clients.

Authentic-suitable for everyday use-practical

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