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“Dear Connie,

The inn

The human being is an inn.
A new guest every morning.
A joy, a sorrow, a meanness, a brief moment of mindfulness comes as an unexpected visitor.
Welcome and entertain them all!

Even if they are a horde of sorrows sweeping the furniture out of your house by force, even then, treat each guest with dignity.
It may be that he clears you out for whole new delights.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice – meet them smiling at the door and invite them.

Be thankful for everyone, whoever it may be, for each is adept as a guide from another world.

Warm regards U.
I experience all of that in your work.”

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Dear Cornelia, thank you for always very competent and extremely professional advice (coaching) and assistance for many questions and situations in life. You opened up new perspectives for me and gave me strength and energy. Thanks to you, I go through life more self-determined. Many thanks for your support. Kind regards, Christian

August 7, 2019

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

“Today I underwent a very special healing ritual, yes submitted… surrendered.
it resonates and so I would like to record and share my impressions right away…
Anyone who really knows me knows that although I have lived without conventional medicine for many years, I always look at everything that is called alternative healing with skeptical eyes. Just as I look at most things with skeptical eyes :). Esotericism, nowadays almost a swear word, it just means “old knowledge”, what I encountered today during this ritual was old knowledge and even more than that, it was old being, being in general, being a primal mother….
I imagine I can feel when someone really has healing powers, talents, energies. Basically everyone feels it. I’ve met a few who claim to have it, but I didn’t feel anything for me. What I was given today were many, many minutes in which I felt safe and held, even though I was dealing with a really very old, almost stony pain in me. I stood on Tibetan high mountains, felt my wings and roots grow at the same time, I saw my parents dance and could let them go at that moment. Then I was lifted up in the bosom of my primordial mother and primordial father. They sat around me and held me in their arms between them like their child, they protected me from the weather by a round fire. The pictures were like pictures from old Russian fairy tales. I now feel much stronger, more balanced, more peaceful…on the way home, I felt a pleasant exhaustion, a wonderful, unfamiliar clarity, and I felt every cell in me looking for and looking for a new place.
There is a human being, a healer, a shaman who has spun into her own work all the knowledge and skills of the holy people she herself met.
Who has thus found her very own way to help and pass on.
Dear Conny Tulke, I think that was my best birthday present (and at exactly the right time) at least on the same day that I was allowed to see dolphins. The tones that left your mouth and your soul touched me very deeply…I would like to hear them all the time….and I’m very happy that there will be recordings soon.
With love, thank you!”

November 22, 2018, Judith Schwietzke

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

J.: “In the first few weeks, the treatment simply did my physical well-being. In the meantime, I’ve learned a lot about myself and my physical reactions in a wide variety of situations. This means I can say more clearly what I really want and act more consciously and self-determinedly. “


“Dear Connie,

our last meeting was very special. Actually, all meetings are very fruitful and special :-). But this time I felt like it touched one of my sticking points. There’s a lot going on in me right now. It seems I’ve understood something and can be more loving with myself inside. I’m not feeling well yet, but maybe I’m on my way out of there now.

Thank you for everything you do for me. It feels like a real treasure to me that I know you. 🙂

love K.”


“Dear Connie,

I went absolutely into resonance with the session and had some symptoms and reactions from my body that I otherwise only know from very invasive methods, such as rebalancing or guided breathing through to emotional and physical stress release and movement. I can list them all for you, but I think it makes more sense in conversation.

In short, I am enthusiastic about the work. I’ve said a lot about you since then. It started something, above all a cleaning of the system and environment and a clarity paved the way, it fit with the (Schl

muzzle images and sensations during treatment. Kind of like sobering up from a toxin in my body…


“Dear Connie

“I myself have benefited a lot from working with you, which is extremely
positive impact on my private and professional life. You are for
me a great therapist. Thank you again for that!”



“Dear Connie,

“Everything in life has a purpose”

…and so I am infinitely grateful to have found the way to you. Every session is a gift and I have regained confidence in life. Many people have accompanied me in recent years and every single one has been important on my way. With your work you are the i-dot on what I have clarified and put in order in my life up to now. I find your combination of soul and body work very valuable and special and your presence and intuition help to find the things in me that want to be healed.

I thank you from my HEART and greet you.

Sincerely, Anett”


After our Reiki seminar on November 5th/6th:

“We just wanted to say a big thank you to you!

Every time we have given ourselves Reiki, we are filled with a huge flood of gratitude that something like this exists and that we are allowed to use it…… it is difficult to put into words!

such an amazing gift, such a beautiful loving thing, for a lifetime… unbelievable!!!

And you instructed us 🙂 on an extremely nice and relaxing weekend…. Thank you 🙂

The development can be clearly traced. the first few days we were both very exhausted and broken, with the body having a certain presence and lightness at the same time.

Yes, I can agree, the beautiful weekend, the great gratitude for this experience that can always be repeated, the special rituals that have impressed us very much and are very powerful!
Many thanks from me too!
As a development: a greater attention to the body. I’ve often passed over minor “hurts” without looking more closely, when it was appropriate. I treat my arm and I’m sure it will thank me in small steps. It is fun. Kind regards, E.&T.”

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


“Dear Conny Tulke,

You gave me a Reiki application on the subject of sexuality (= opening)! The treatment has had a really good effect on my sex life!!! I experience freedom and enjoyment like never before! Thanks very much! I felt like I was in good hands from the start and I had great confidence. However, I would not have expected this consistently positive result of the body-energy work.

Kind regards H.”


“In the deepest crisis of my life, Cornelia Tulke was recommended to me. In the past I would have dismissed Reiki as “lazy magic”, but when conventional medicine and professional psychotherapy failed, I grasped at every straw that promised improvement. Cornelia was instrumental in helping me improve my health to experience my body and mind with relish again. Through her I have learned to forgive myself and to develop trust in myself and the world. The effect of Reiki cannot be scientifically proven, but I felt it in me and everything that helps , is good. I am deeply grateful to Cornelia. She gave me a mala, which gives me new strength every day. Thank you!” Arnold F. 2015


“I can honestly say that Cornelia is a fantastic therapist. It’s very exciting to see my potential for change through her amazing help.” Daniel P


“I came to Cornelia about a year ago, at a time when I had completely lost my footing for personal and health reasons. She put me back together piece by piece like a jigsaw puzzle – and still does. Like that but slowly I can see “the whole picture” again. And I like it. I’m particularly happy about that. Every session is different, because it always starts with a conversation before Cornelia gets into the actual body work. Sometimes she gives energy and lets me go with a fresh stream in my soul and body, sometimes it cleans, sometimes I have to go to sleep immediately afterwards because I’m so exhausted. But in every session, body and soul reconnect more. They become the unit that is healthy again It’s a wonderfully clear feeling. And in addition to everything that Cornelia initiates with her energy work, it also means practice, practice, practice. The work is a process. But it works! I can do the Kö Recommend physical therapy at Cornelia without reservation and recommend it to anyone who wants to actively get healthy and is open to new insights. Thank you, dear Conny, for the great experience!!!” Anja P. 2015


“Cornelia treated my 9-year-old son despite his open-mindedness, his own perspective on life, his strength, le

he is under great tension and is a child of separation. Almost invisible in method, but earth-shattering in effect, it protects my son from carrying the tensions of childhood into adult life. He was freed very quickly and is strong again. The work from the beginning of recognizing the construction site makes a lot of sense, especially with a child.
Cornelia also manages to solve blockages that I have been carrying around with me since childhood. Your method feeds on many methods in a personal way. She goes her own way and supports me to go my own way. Working with her, I always feel at home in my body and life after professional or personal challenging events. And together with her, gain influence and implement wishes and goals. Cornelia is an understanding and strong partner to accompany life and help to find oneself in turmoil and tension.” Stephanie.S. 2015



“How lucky for the world that there are people like Cornelia! In every session with her I get a little (sometimes a huge) step further. Depending on what I bring to a session, she finds from her wide repertoire the right keys and levers to approach big and small questions, problems or worries. She looks very closely, clearly and without prejudice. After each session I feel more upright, radiant and a little bit better in my axis. It is every time a wonderful experience that can hardly be put into words. Wise, instructive, healing.” Bruno R


“I’ve been to Conny’s a few times. (since 2008)
Every time I leave the treatment with total ease and have regained my focus on the essentials. The heart’s gaze. The topic that we dealt with is clearer to me afterwards and has also changed significantly. For me, a treatment is always a big step on the way to finding myself. I can feel and observe the effects of a treatment over months and mature with them.
What happens during a treatment is unbelievable and always opens my eyes to what is possible on this earth, what levels there are that we do not perceive at all. Incredibly exciting.
I now use the treatments as a kick in the ass whenever I feel like my spiritual journey is a little stagnant.
I think it’s my turn again.” Thomas S. 2015


“I can wholeheartedly recommend Cornelia Tulke.
She helped me in a difficult life situation and gave my life, strength and lightness back not only to me but to my whole family. With her in-depth knowledge, she was and is able to respond to a wide variety of concerns and has always been able to help me. On a physical, mental and spiritual level.
In addition, Cornelia has always given me “tools” on how I can help myself and integrate them into my everyday life.
With Cornelia I was able to feel the power of the energy flow of Reiki for the first time and was so enthusiastic about it that I decided to follow my Reiki path myself. I received the initiation into the first Reiki degree from her and am very grateful to be able to feel and pass on this energy myself.
Since my treatment with Cornelia, a lot has changed in my life – and absolutely for the better! I feel that I am in the best hands with her and she has my complete trust.
Thank you!” J.W.


“I met and fell in love with Conny in June last year and have been going to her treatments regularly ever since. She helped me out of a major crisis, literally “enchanted” me and my life. Without her I wouldn’t be where I am now .Everything has changed for the better, I am infinitely grateful to her!
I did my Reiki Grade I with her, Grade II will be added at the weekend.
The next weekend she celebrates e.g. in addition to many other meetings, a fire ritual at the equinox…you have to experience it!
It’s amazing what energy work can do! Go try it! It is ABSOLUTELY RECOMMENDED!” Kathrin W. 2015


I received such a Reiki session/massage for the first time. It was really dreamy. I am currently pregnant and was looking for something that would allow me to just relax and unwind completely. I can only confirm that Conny has a super loving and calming charisma and therefore I can only say, get there with you quickly. :-)” Nicole


“I can only recommend a reiki treatment with conny! I felt very safe and then more relaxed than I had in ages THANK YOU!” Annie


“I was with Conny for a Reiki treatment last week. I was very touched by how sensitive and empathetic

sam Conny was going on here. Above all, I had the intense feeling that a lot was flowing inside me. I still feel the effects. When I’m back in Berlin, I’ll definitely make another appointment. Thank you!!” B. 2013


“I always wanted to try Reiki because I was advised to do so because of my complaints and I had already tried everything. For three years I had pain without even a doctor being able to help me. But a session with Conny and I am pain-free for three weeks. I really can’t believe it, especially because I’m rather skeptical about such things. Conny also warned me that the pain could get worse for the first two days and then go away. And that’s exactly how it happened .
Conny is super nice, understanding and sensitive! I can really only recommend it and I will make an appointment with her myself!” Lilly 2012

“Yesterday I had my first Reiki treatment with Conny (I had only heard about it before and had no personal experience yet) and I started the weekend so relaxed and yet full of energy like I hadn’t in a long time.
It feels like all the stress of the last exciting year has just melted away.
I finally clearly perceived the subliminal, always present feeling that the universe takes care of me, that I meet the right people at the right time and that the right things are happening.
The session filled me with great gratitude for my life as it ‘happened’ to me (because not everything was self-chosen ;-)) and showed me a new path.
Thank you Conny, I will definitely come back to you.” S. 2012


“Conny has a great talent for her work as a body therapist!
I admire her ability to open up to life’s problems of any kind, to get to the bottom of them with the right and precise questions, and thus to get to the root of them. She remains completely non-judgmental, which is pleasant and professional.
Every session is worthwhile, strengthens and relaxes, and brings me into my center.
And I can say that since I’ve been a regular client, I’ve had many successes in my life, both professionally and privately. Thank you!!” E. 2012


“Hi, I was quite skeptical when I went for my first Reiki treatment but thought I’d give it a try. After that I was pain free for the first time in my life and it was really how should I describe it? I think the best word is crazy , because I have never known a life without pain.
So folks: go and try it! It is great! I’m definitely going again!” L. 2012


“I just wanted to try Reiki out of pure curiosity and was really surprised that you can actually feel the energy to such an extent. Afterwards I was totally relaxed and somehow also a bit exhausted, like after an hour of sport ¦ so there’s definitely something there happens, even if I can’t quite put it into perspective after just one session. I can definitely recommend Reiki and Conny and both in combination, if you have experienced it yourself.” p. 2012


“Conny really is absolutely amazing. I’ve been her client for over two years and I can say with certainty that she has fundamentally changed my life. I got to know my body and the spaces that belong to it in a completely new way and was able to step by step Transforming my thoughts, attitudes and actions, which in turn has completely changed my entire environment and my relationship to different people. This body work enables me to walk through life more confidently, attentively, freely, openly and heartily. At the same time I can do layer by layer remove old patterns, ways of thinking and wrong paths of the spirit and get a little closer to the true, beautiful and radiant core of your being. What a liberation! The Reiki initiation has in turn opened the door to a wider universe 🙂 Thanks to its open and non-judgmental nature, I have I felt comfortable with Conny from the first second  he really is here A place where I can be 100% myself and don’t have to hide anything. In the meantime, Conny knows me like no other person 🙂 Thank you for that and I look forward to the countless other treasures that are still to be found!” KK 2012


“Hello, a good six months ago I came to Conny in the room for body awareness for the first time to make my first experiences with Reiki. And YES, I am much more aware of my body! I had strong ones after a severe hand fracture Pain and also developed a burn out. Here I feel recognized, can be with me for 90 minutes. Conny supports you with all questions !!! It is unbelievable how positive an application has an effect. You can feel the energy

ie, draws new strength and that also lasts, so it’s not gone the next day. New ideas are born
Many thanks to Conny and I will continue to be a loyal visitor 😉
I can only recommend this experience to everyone!!!
All the best, Birgit”


“I am very impressed by Conny’s empathetic nature, the feel-good atmosphere in the rooms for body awareness and also by Reiki. During the Reiki treatment I got food for thought, impulses for future actions or answers to questions. I was very surprised about that. I was after the Reiki Not only more relaxed physically, but also mentally clearer.

In the meantime I can practice Reiki myself, because I acquired my 1st Reiki degree from Conny. Soon I would also like to be initiated into the 2nd degree by her. When treating friends or family, I notice that everyone feels Reiki differently. So if you are open-minded, want to try a different approach, feel completely secure and individually understood, then Conny is the right place for you.” N. 2012


“I’ve been suffering from chronic tinnitus for many years. Since I’ve known Conny, this has greatly reduced. Thanks to your applications and very useful tips that you get along the way, you can turn it off with a little self-discipline. Really, absolutely recommended and very relaxing..Thank you Conny 🙂


“Hello, a few hours at Conny’s and my view of myself and my past has changed so much that I was certain that I had to do something. This step alone solved so much in me that life took on a new color. Thanks to Conny’s help, I’m now getting better and better at letting go of limiting and captivating patterns and I can enjoy life in a new way. THANK YOU 🙂
Balm for the soul!!! :)” Thomas


“Hello, I can warmly recommend a treatment with Conny! Out of pure curiosity, I booked a REIKI treatment with Conny. The results surprised me positively.
Conny is a very warm, open and trustworthy woman. With her treatment, I was able to significantly alleviate my blockages in my love life.
Thank you!” T

“Once a week, forget everything for 90 minutes, feel completely safe, only I’m important now and I’m the center of attention. Talk about feelings and dreams and listen, what do you want to tell me. There are no coincidences! With a lot of empathy and endless patience, Conny guides me through Reiki. Immediately afterwards and even days later, I feel this energy. I can only recommend this experience in the room for body awareness to everyone.” Tine