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Inspirations and things worth knowing

The Work by Byron Katie with working materials and in-depth videos.

Pathosophia – Naturopath, anthroposophist and homeopath:  Andreas Matner

QCT Quantenheilung after Andrew Blake.

Ligmincha-Zentrum Berlin – the center of my spiritual teachers Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche in Berlin.

“The Secret of Healing – How Ancient Knowledge Is Changing Medicine” – very informative Film!

In the light of new findings, it is becoming clear that the mind and body are much more interconnected than most doctors today suspect. It is still not possible to fully explain every unusual healing – but more and more connections are becoming visible. The documentation describes these findings using impressive patient stories as examples, and shows how the walls between conventional medicine and unusual treatment methods are beginning to falter

Plus a WONDERFUL inspiration from Anita Moorjani.

AGNIHOTRA: Tested and found to be sensationally good and easy to use for everyone : Homa-Therapie


Useful information for the medicine cabinet:

The healing power of Grapefruitkernextraktes.

The “miracle cure” Magnesiumchlorid.

The natural “antibiotic” Kolloidales Silber 

merits of Heidelberger 7 Kräuter  

Beste Bezugsquelle in my opinion the Heidelberg 7 herbs

Healthy intestinal flora treatment with Brottrunk 

Ölziehen also wonderfully suitable for incipient sore throats & Co.


Love, Relationships and Sexuality:

„Your task is not to find love, but to find a portal for love to enter.” Eckhart Tolle

Truly CULTIVATE LOVE in a relationship

If you want to know how you can truly cultivate love in a partnership, then watch this lecture by Yod Udo Kolitscher.

He explains in a wonderful way why we dress, how we fall in love and how we either create the well-known hell or indifference in a relationship or how we can actually let our love experience ever deeper.

The male and female principle in us and the knowledge about it give us the answer here


Thanks to this I think true love warrior 😉


“Few things hurt more than a closed heart.” Byron Katie

Next to Reiki, THE WORK by Byron Katie is a very important tool in my work, in my life.

It is WONDERFUL to watch how beliefs that are tested and transformed with THE WORK release our very core and we reconnect with SELF, with love.

Here’s a sweet little video with Byron Katie on the subject of closed hearts and fear of injury


Looking for relationship role models

Like probably most of us, I hadn’t had any relationship role models to emulate.

TV films, series had rather increased my drama skills than I could have drawn real and good ideas from them.

So how do you orientate yourself?

My lifelong research trip eventually nudged me towards Veit Lindau and his wife.

That’s a couple worth learning from!

They have been through everything in hell and heaven that one can go through in a partnership and are still living a fulfilled, lively and loving relationship today.

To get an idea of what I mean, check out this informative video of theirs if you want.



A nice and very inspiring conversation with Veit Lindau and Eva-Maria and Wolfram Zurhorst: