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At today’s new moon we celebrate with a special healing circle, Imbolc, the Celtic festival of Brigid.
This is a magical time of the year.

With the primal mother sounds, drum journey, incense, fire ceremony, sound meditations, we will create the field that supports the creation of our real heart projects in the here & now.

Get ready for a very intense, light-bringing, magical evening.

IMBOLC – The ALLMUTTER appears in a new light at this time.

As the beautiful light virgin Brigid, she alternates with the black Percht that dominates the winter.

It may be exactly the middle of the calendar winter, but the juices continue to rise imperceptibly & everything becomes lighter, brighter, gradually coming to life again.

This has been celebrated with IMBOLC since time immemorial.

So that this can happen for us in the best sense, we can align ourselves on this day and invite this light, the energies of renewal, of purity with a ceremony and let it work for us for the highest good.

This means that we are well prepared for what is to come.

I will initiate you into the ancient knowledge of this quality of time and we will dive into these powers very specifically with your personal issues.

We will immerse ourselves in our natural creative power, explore it and use it consciously.

We are all creators of our reality, whether we consciously create it or unconsciously “swim along”.

Becoming aware of your creative power, using it powerfully and for the benefit of all living beings, is an important aspect of this circle when you immerse yourself in the cosmic forces of this day.

This evening is intended to open up to your heart’s desires, to go for them and stay tuned for them with the power of manifestation of the circle and the magic of this time.

This evening ends with a Vedic fire ceremony.

BRIGID is the guardian of the fire and her strength will carry us and bring the new light home with us.

The special thing about the candles that we consecrate is that we can use them as emergency candles all year round. In particularly difficult times and/or difficult situations, she gives us the light and blessings of the triple goddess.


When: Tuesday, February 1, 2021 from 5 p.m. to around 9 p.m

Where: Room for Body Consciousness, Schulzestrasse 21, 13187 Berlin

Contribution: 50€


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