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I write this text between washing the dishes, putting the child to bed and quantum physical life exploration conversations on the phone with my loved one:
I had a tall woman as a client today. And by that I don’t just mean her stately height of at least 1.85 m, but her inner size as a WOMAN.
This woman has also been through everything from a single mother, money worries, accompanying sick parents to death and having to take a job to keep her head above water.
Now she has a husband who is just as great, who has also been through a lot and also does some job that somehow keeps her afloat.
That’s the way it is. It’s always been like that and there’s no room to really look, to feel where it’s going, except for unloved commitments.
Hashimoto has had them for a long time. Just like her mother had. Rheumatism was discovered by chance. Just like her mother had at some point. And now she is afraid that she will end up like her mother, who then had cancer, like her grandparents, who also had it, etc.
But give up the job you don’t love? Her husband should realize himself first. Then it’s her turn.
Behind rheumatic diseases there are often issues of not being able to distinguish oneself properly, the inability to say “no” to things that do not suit one.
Yes. She does a job that she doesn’t love, she takes care of her deceased parents’ house that she actually only maintains for them, it should be for her and she can’t just give it up, even if it’s for the other person end of the city and requires a great deal of effort.
What else has to happen in order to dare to jump?
I meet so many people who are stuck in the hamster wheel and often don’t question it at all because it’s so NORMAL. It is accepted that one no longer has any energy for things that one actually likes to do. You have been forgotten. And what remains is this strange feeling of emptiness, of dissatisfaction. And that hole is then filled with food, movies, and other addictions. And then you have the usual ailments… NORMAL. “I’m just getting old.”
Is that true?
Is that really true?
Is that it?
Is that why you came to this beautiful earth?
Why do we have to get really sick before we move, if at all?
Why have so many people lost TRUST in LIFE itself.
Yes. There are countless answers to this.
It is much more important to ask yourself how I can lead my LIFE, that I can go to bed satisfied and start the day with joy.
How can I regain the TRUST in LIFE that I know no matter which way I go, if I am TRUE to what nourishes and strengthens me, LIFE noticeably moves for me. ALWAYS!!!!
By finally JUMPING at some point!
“JUMP AND THE NET WILL APPEAR!!!” And jumping means saying “NO” to anything that doesn’t make me a 100% YES! And to go where everything in me calls YES.
Is that radical? YES. In any case.
But the fastest and “safest” way to LIVE authentically!!!
And so today I banged the drum. The ancestors are lined up behind her and in a detachment ceremony, everything that has been taken over and that is no longer useful and life-hindering is dissolved right down to its origins. RESET. For everyone involved. In order to finally meet the origin, the LIFE itself, welcoming one.
Tears of salvation, a dance of liberation and the original wise woman within her. Very tangible, perceptible, visible, no longer denied.
I know what it means to no longer know how to proceed, to be in despair because of the circumstances, to have no safety nets on the outside.
And yet there was always this voice, this knowledge, the reflection on what counts.
And for me personally that is FREEDOM! On all levels. I’m going for that. Also for those who want it. This is my passion. My task.
And I know it works because that’s how LIFE works. It wants to taste and share you in your magnificence in order to be able to serve others in the best sense, to be a gift to the world, which in turn produces other gifts.
And you choose. In every moment.
Is it easy?
Not always.
But it is your decision. Literally.
Are you 100% YES?
If no, stop and move in the direction where your stomach, heart and head know for sure YES.
You dare! You have nothing to lose but your limitations.