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Schoss(t)Raum(a) Christmas Eve in Berlin

With Cornelia Tulke and the shamanic songs by Lars Köhne

Friday, October 13 6:30 p.m. – approx. 10:30 p.m
Location: Room for body consciousness – healing practice at the Bürgerpark
Schulzestrasse 21, 13187 Berlin

Participation fee 60 euros

12 women
1 circle
The thirteenth that closes it.
Held by the energy of the primal father.
Nourished, healed by the power of the primal mother.
On this evening I will only perform shamanic healing rituals that have only been passed on orally and are therefore largely unknown.
The space will be kept particularly powerful by the male energy that Lars Köhne brings to us through the healing song at the beginning and end of the evening.
In between we will only be among us women.
I will remind you of the wisdom of the female primal power and show you how you can go your way as a free woman in full force.
We women store in our uterus the pain of abuse, fear, inherited garbage from our ancestors and most importantly from the men we have bonded with. We just forgot that we don’t have to pay for it and carry it with us forever in the form of illness, unfulfilled sexuality or repetitive relationship patterns.
This evening I will give you the keys to free yourself from it.
To do this, we will mainly connect with the wisdom and primal power of our womb and free ourselves from old fear, pain and shame through the rite of the womb (rite of the womb).
The evening will conclude with a unique “Dragonheart” fire ritual, in which ancient mantras from the Vedic tradition are combined with higher-frequency shamanic healing chants from the Hathor energy.
Carried and sealed by the healing songs of the shaman Lars Köhnes, who will also open the circle with songs, we will walk our path as free women at the end of the evening. Except for the singing at the beginning and end of the ritual, we women will be among ourselves.
Please bring a candle to this ritual.

Friday, October 13 6:30 p.m. – approx. 10:30 p.m
Location: Room for body consciousness – healing practice at the Bürgerpark
Schulzestrasse 21, 13187 Berlin
Contribution: €60.00

Please register early as there is only a limited number of participants.

Warm welcome!

Man serves woman, woman follows man
Woman serves man, man follows woman


Participant votes:

Dear Connie,

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful evening.
Since I have known you two, my spiritual life has developed improbably. I am very, very grateful for that.
On 12/21 I’m in!

Hug Nicole

Dear Cornelia,

the world is or seems softer since Friday evening. Thanks for that.
Best regards


Dear Conny, thank you so much for this beautiful, wonderful healing session. I have completely arrived in my primal femininity and was able to detach myself from everything. I would like to write more about it but I just don’t have the right words at the moment. I did the “Basic Course” with Lars and wanted to say that the combination: Ritual rite of the womb and Lars’ introduction are a wonderful combination. That fits really well. You said that Lars can also do this ritual for men. (If I understood correctly). Then I had a vision, I saw you practicing these rituals and you for women, he for men and then the introduction to the basic knowledge of shamanism… and then I saw this power spreading. On Sunday evening I met a friend and told him about rite of the womb and the first thing he said: I want it too! (Forgive me for writing so confusedly, I was quiet for a very long time and hardly soured “too” anything) My impulse to wear that, or rather the existence of men and women together to do the ritual “too” together brings healing Everywhere. To me that is PEACE. This is what is needed now. (Everything out of my field of vision, I don’t want to get too close to anyone there). Thank you very much for bringing the light into the world, such a precious gift. Of course you can forward my address. When I’ve calmed down a bit, I’d like to get in touch again and I’d also like to take part in the smoke nights if it’s somehow possible for me. It’s good that there’s you. Kind regards Cristina

Many thanks Cornelia for the beautiful evening and for passing on this powerful ritual.
A world with liberated women how beautiful that would be.

All the best,

WOW! It was WONDERFUL you beautiful WOMEN!
Thank you for this healing evening!
It was again very touching to experience how WOMAN, in a protected SPACE carried by male energy, can deeply come to herself, remember, become soft, become free and let herself sink into the source of the wisdom of her womb and be carried by it trustingly .
Deeply touched by the power that arises in such a field, I look forward to the next circles and happy faces!
Thanks again to Lars Köhne for his accompanying songs!
A blessing to be able to work like this!
Sincerely, Cornelia