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Since our joint session 2 weeks ago, so much has clarified with my client and has been positively energized that she wishes the same for her husband.
He recently had a circulatory collapse, is now struggling with bronchitis and continues to drag himself to work against all odds and doesn’t really see a need for action yet.
Yesterday they were with a Russian doctor who said that he is completely cut off energetically above and below and whether there is anyone around him who would like to harm him…..
Couldn’t I do something there and what do I mean by that?
Yes, I can do a lot, but the desire, the movement, has to come from him.
She worries so much and most of what she proposes to him provokes resistance.
So we could do the same thing we did and he doesn’t have to be there.
I heard their pain, their fears and the urgency behind them. Almost pleading.
I explained to her that it’s basically about letting him go, no matter how painful it is. I know how painful it is to have the right tools at hand but not being able to “intervene”/”help” because it’s just not wanted.
You’re welcome to suggest it to him, but that’s about it for now.
How can we presume to know what is right for the other on his path now? Why can’t we bear to let someone we love go their own way, even if they’re obviously harming themselves?
Because it hurts, because we feel powerless, helpless somehow.
And because then we have to come back to ourselves. And that is also the key.
In general, I do not give energetic sessions for people who have not expressly decided to do so on their own. This is a manipulative intervention and I can ethically represent ZERO. I explained that to her too.
First of all, I suggested that she come back to herself and set the best example by LIVING to him what she had recently won for herself. So that he can become curious out of himself and then perhaps want to try to end his suffering in other ways. That’s the only way for now and to work with yourself, to continue, to continue to take good care of yourself.
Everyone has their own pace, their free will and their right to shape their life the way they want, even if the eyes of those around them are anything but desirable and they actually mean it sooo well.
let her
We also want to be left alone.
Let’s take care of ourselves lovingly, that’s the best service we can do for ourselves and our environment. The rest falls into place. Exactly as it is “thought”.
And when we are ready, the right teachers, masters, healers will emerge and support us in the best sense, if we allow it. And it’s guaranteed to happen just like those who care for us didn’t think it would be for us 😉

So let go and take care of your own well-being first!