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Reiki Individual Session

REIKI – including intensive aura cleaning & chakra balancing

The most important organs, energy channels and chakras are treated step by step on different parts of the body and from the head down.

Reiki always addresses body, mind and soul. In this way, the self-healing powers are activated in the deepest sense.
The body can experience relaxation on all levels and thus have an opportunity to regulate itself.
Reiki has a detoxifying and purifying effect, dissolves blockages and can therefore have a pain-relieving effect.

In combination with a massage with individually selected aroma therapy massage oil (organic), the beneficial effect is intensified.


Here Reiki is allowed to flow during the massage, so that the beneficial effect is intensified. This is an optimal combination of classic Reiki application and wellness massage, including chakra balancing and aura cleaning.

Through aura cleaning we can free ourselves from our subtle ballast, which makes it easier for the universal life force Reiki to flow and to support us in our processes. The chakra balancing stabilizes the effect of the Reiki massage


Reiki foot reflexology massage

It is a wonderful form of foot reflexology. With special grips and guided breathing techniques, the whole body is activated in its self-healing processes. Rest and deep relaxation are supported more profoundly by letting Reiki flow.



REIKI single session

Individual session with preliminary and follow-up discussion

Room for body awareness / healing practice at the Bürgerpark

Schulzestr. 21
13187 Berlin-Pankow

Duration: approx. 1.5 hours at €90.00

5 tickets: €400.00 10 tickets: €700.00