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Following an old prophecy, I went to Sweden with my former partner Lars Köhne at Equinox time 2017.

Except for the lotus yoga school where Lars worked for 3 days, we had no plan where exactly we were going to go.

We were guided by our hearts and the call that was made.

And so we were miraculously guided from the start.

What we experienced there will fill a whole book.

I will first limit myself to telling the beginning of the birth of the original mother sound.

In preparation for the big ceremony that we wanted to do at a place of power that had shown itself to us, we went on various healing journeys that were so loudly and urgently called for.

In the first great healing journey I went through a great pain. The birth pain of the new earth. In addition to supporting the birth of the new earth with my abilities, my being, a major task was to call all peoples, to resolve all discord and to help everyone in the transition to their rightful place.

I sat with the gods at the great table and Lars helped me mediate and he performed the rituals that were called upon.

It was a long and very exhausting journey and in all of it I gave birth to a SOUND from my deepest inside, from the greatest pain, the pain of the great mother, the pain of Mother Earth.

With this sound I was able to mediate between peoples and express the pain and longing of Mother Earth.

I was instructed in the powers of the original femininity and masculinity in us humans. I was shown how we can heal ourselves in it.

I was allowed to feel the cosmic primal love, the first everlasting love between Mother Earth and Pan, the great Earth God. No matter how long ago it was, every cell of mine remembers it with respect and gratitude.

It was a hard and rocky road until the prophecy was to be fulfilled. We have been put to the test and all in all we have mastered it very well,

even if an important cycle could not be completed painfully.

But at the time of the fulfillment of the prophecy, everything was as it should be.

You can find out more in my other reports.

I kept that sound to myself for a long time. Everything called out to express it, but I was stuck in my largest knot. My voice has always dried up at the very thought of someone hearing it. I could not sing in the presence of anyone except my children and my household spirits.

I was also ashamed because I was afraid that Lars would think I was copying him and I hid that from him for a long time.

Up to a point in time when we worked together on our Rauhnachts retreat in November 2017 and the songs in me overturned.

One evening he invited me to show him what was calling in me.

Then the knot was untied.

His tears of recognition, his joy shattered the core of my doubts.

Since then I have been singing the sound of the primal mother when it calls. Home. On road. in my sessions. In my seminars. So many wonderful things have happened that it is now time for me to confess them.

For this I choose the Day of the High Women on August 15, 2018.

This will be the start of a journey that lies ahead for me that I have been preparing for for so long. I will walk it with humility, respect and complete trust.

Om Tare Tutare Ture Swaha.